Atlantic Mackerel

(Scomber Scombrus)

Neptune Trading Group is proud to offer the highest quality Atlantic Mackerel from the North Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Mackerel is a fast swimming, pelagic, schooling species that is caught with seine or mid water trawl nets on vessels equipped with Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems. Once ashore, it is graded and frozen via blast or IQF. Neptune imports from the finest producers to ensure our customers satisfaction. We can offer pricing on full containers to all major US and Canadian ports as well as LTL pricing delivered anywhere in the USA.

Origin: Norway, Faroe Islands, UK, Iceland

Area: North Atlantic Ocean

Method: Trawl Caught


Presentation: Whole Round / H&G

Packing: 10kg, 20kg

Freezing: Blast or IQF

Seasonality: August - February

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